Gleamedia Pte Ltd. | About Us
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About Us

Company Profile

Gleamedia is a One-Stop Outdoor Advertising Specialist with our very own production team. From marketing to design, from printing to installation works, we are like no other media companies. 2021, marks our 18th year in the outdoor media industry and our experience in marketing advertising spaces are what media owners sought after. We pay lots of attention to details, ambience and environment to ensure that our clients and advertisers are enjoying maximum coverage that we promised!

Specializing in cruise terminal and strata malls, Gleamedia also acquired exclusive rights to CapitaLand Business Parks and Industrial Properties, offering an extensive network advertising opportunities and ideal showcase to MNCs, SMEs, PMEBs, blue and white collars etc. Not forgetting Gleamedia also manage a fleet of private buses through exclusive partnership with bus operators and digital Out-of-Home at prime districts along Alexandra Road and Orchard Road!

Gleamedia’s Advertising Specialists

The media team was officially formed in 2003 to have a specific group of media professionals to exclusively market the out-of-home media advertisements & media sales packages for all the properties under our care. The team members are known for their expertise, professional experience, salesmanship, client base and individual calibre.

Strategic Alliance

Gleamedia is part of a strategic alliance, which pioneered the concept of a full-service designer and manufacturer of a wide spectrum of products & media services, ranging from

  • Managing & Marketing Out-of-Home Advertisement spaces.
  • Outdoor Media Branding & Street Furnitures.
  • Modular Advertising Sign Systems & Display Systems.
  • Standard and Customized POP Displays.

Leveraging on the success of the partnership, and its extensive expertise and long experience, Gleamedia is well-poised to offer clients a full-service packaged outdoor media advertising – from site development to contracting various choices of advertising spaces at properties, media structure design, production and maintenance to liaison with regulatory authorities. Our one-stop marketing solution from design conceptualization to full implementation of program all come from a single source, including our very own in-house developed media products manufactured directly in our factory. As an Outdoor Media Specialist, we design and manufacture all types of media that you could possibly find in the market – be it Billboard, Multifaceted Display Panel, Shopping Mall Display, Telephone & Food Kiosk, Stadium & Sport Arena Signage, Airport and Terminal, Bus Shelter, Rooftop Display Panel and many others.